Fall 2007 | Volume 1 | Issue 1

Table of Contents

  1. From the Editor
    Larry Shuman
  2. Guest Editorial
    James L. Melsa
  3. From the Executive Director
    Frank L. Huband
  4. Challenge-based Instruction: The VaNTH Biomechanics Learning Modules
    Ronald E. Barr, Marcus G. Pandy, Anthony J. Petrosino, Robert J. Roselli, Sean Brophy, Robert A. Freeman
  5. A Hands-on, Interdisciplinary Laboratory Program and Educational Model to Strengthen a Radar Curriculum for Broad Distribution
    Mark Yeary, Tian-You Yu, Robert Palmer, Michael Biggerstaff, L. Dee Fink, Carolyn Ahern, Keli Pirtle Tarp
  6. An Online Database and User Community for Physical Models in the Engineering Classroom
    Ronald W. Welch, J. Ledlie Klosky
  7. Circumventing Graphical User Interfaces in Chemical Engineering Plant Design
    Noel Romey, Rachel M. Schwartz, Douglas Behrend, Peter Miao, H. Michael Cheung, Robert Beitle