Summer 2012 | Volume 3 | Issue 2

Table of Contents

  1. Special Issue: P-12 Engineering Education Research and Practice
    Tamara Moore, Larry G. Richards
  2. SENSE IT: Teaching STEM Principles to Middle and High School Students Through the Design, Construction and Deployment of Water Quality Sensors
    Liesl Hotaling, Susan Lowes, Rustam Stolkin, Peiyi Lin, James Bonner, William Kirkey, Temitope Ojo
  3. The Skyline TEAMS Model: A Longitudinal Look at the Impacts of K-12 Engineering on Perception, Preparation and Persistence
    Malinda S. Zarske, Janet L. Yowell, Heidi L. Ringer, Jacquelyn F. Sullivan, Patricia A. Quiñones
  4. Informal Engineering Education After School: Employing the Studio Model for Motivation and Identification in STEM Domains
    Christine G. Schnittka, Carol B. Brandt, Brett D. Jones, Michael A. Evans
  5. Middle Grades Teachers’ Understanding and Teaching of the Central Ideas of the Engineering Design Process
    Morgan Hynes
  6. Engineering Design of Cars and Gadgets in K-5 as Vehicle for Integrating Math, Science and Literacy
    Gary Benenson, Shawndel Stewart-Dawkins, Gwynn White
  7. Model Wind Turbine Design in a Project-based Middle School Engineering Curriculum Built on State Frameworks
    Steven D. Cogger, Daniel H. Miley
  8. Use of an Authentic, Industrially Situated Virtual Laboratory Project to Address Engineering Design and Scientific Inquiry in High Schools
    Debra M. Gilbuena, F. Adam Kirsch, Milo D. Koretsky
  9. A Project-based Engineering and Leadership Workshop for High School Students
    Linda Sue Ryder, Jerine Pegg, Nathan Wood
  10. Enriching K-12 Science and Mathematics Education Using LEGOs
    Keeshan Williams, Irina Igel, Ronald Poveda, Vikram Kapila, Magued Iskander
  11. Richer Connections to Robotics through Project Personalization
    Melanie Veltman, Valerie Davidson, Bethany Deyell
  12. Understanding Students’ Perceptions on the Utility of Engineering Notebooks
    Leema Berland, William Mckenna, Stephanie Baker Peacock
  13. An Overview of the Literature: Research in P-12 Engineering Education
    Noemi V. Mendoza Díaz, Monica F. Cox
  14. Exploration of NSF-ATE Projects Approaches in the Integration of Technology and Engineering Education at the K-12 levels
    Johannes Strobel, Noemi V. Mendoza Díaz
  15. A Review of Learning-by-Teaching for Engineering Educators
    Adam R. Carberry, Matthew W. Ohland