An Overview of the Literature: Research in P-12 Engineering Education


This paper presents an extensive overview of preschool to 12th grade (P-12) engineering education literature published between 2001 and 2011. Searches were conducted through education and engineering library engines and databases as well as queries in established publications in engineering education. More than 50 publications were found, including books, articles, and reviews that discussed P-12 engineering education research efforts. With the synthesis of literature and distinct criteria to classify the literature, a rubric was developed. This rubric allowed authors to synthesize retrieved publications in seven ways: (1) overarching agenda, (2) nature of the engineering program or intervention, (3) assessment methods, (4) object of the study/unit of analysis, (5) population/sample of interest, (6) informing theory, and (7) standards addressed. Discussions of the current levels of research based on recommendations of National Agencies are presented along with a set of recommendations for the advancement of the P-12 engineering education research.

Noemí V. Mendoza Díaz
Brazos School of Inquiry and Creativity
Houston, TX

Monica F. Cox
Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN

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