Guide for Authors

 Advances in Engineering Education is a peer-reviewed journal published quarterly by the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE), 1818 N Street, NW, Suite 600, Washington, D.C. 20036.

Authors should avoid predatory journals with similar titles that promise rapid publication with insufficient time for rigorous peer review.

Topics and Focus

The journal publishes articles on a wide variety of topics related to documented advances in engineering education practice. Topics may include but are not limited to innovations in course and curriculum design, teaching, and assessment both within and outside of the classroom that have led to improved student learning.

Manuscript Requirements

Articles are expected to fully document the innovation(s) of interest and be based on a sound body of evidence by the author(s) and/or as reported in the literature. Of particular interest are those advances that are best presented through the creative use of multimedia (e.g., text, audio, graphics, animation, and video) to enhance the readers’ understanding. Work-in-progress reports that offer the clear promise of significant advances may be published as Educational Briefs.

Submitted manuscripts must include the following elements:

  • Manuscript title, authors and affiliations, abstract (150 words) and three keywords.
  • The main body of the manuscript should be divided into appropriate sections including a introductory section, a brief overview of the supporting literature, a description of the innovation, example applications, an assessment section, conclusion and summary (with an overview of future work as appropriate).
  • Acknowledgements to external funding sources and helpful colleagues;
  • References with URLs where applicable;
  • Brief biographical sketches for each author;
  • Figures, tables and URLs should be embedded at appropriate locations within the manuscript; tags should be used to point to any necessary appendices.
  • Multimedia files as appropriate to enhance the educational value of the manuscript and facilitate the readers’ understanding of the article. Until accepted for publication, multimedia files should remain resident on the authors’ servers and accessed using the appropriate tags. Permissible multimedia formats include: PowerPoint, QuickTime, Flash, Excel, MPEG, MP3. Please contact ASEE if your submission includes other multimedia formats.
  • Authors should follow the recommended style guide modified from the Chicago Manual of Style. Please do not use endnotes; use footnotes only if they are essential.

Submission of Manuscripts

Manuscripts submitted must not have been published as copyrighted material elsewhere. Manuscripts under review by the Journal should not be submitted for consideration by other publication as copyrighted material. By submitting a manuscript, the author(s) agree that the copyright will be transferred to ASEE if the manuscript and associated multimedia are accepted for publication. The author(s) retain the rights to the fair use (e.g., teaching and nonprofit uses) of the published material.

Manuscripts must be submitted in electronic form only at the journal’s website: http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/advances. Successful submissions are confirmed by e-mail. The editor evaluates manuscripts for compatibility with the journal’s mission and review criteria and normally informs the author of the decision within two weeks of submission. If deemed compatible, manuscripts are forwarded to one of the journal’s associate editors, who in turn submit them for peer review. The journal is normally able to complete the peer review process and inform the author of the outcome within two to four months. Authors need not be members of ASEE.

Review Criteria

The journal seeks to obtain at least three reviews on all manuscripts. Manuscripts are evaluated according to criteria established by the editorial board. Such criteria relate to the article’s scholarly content, quality of text and supporting multimedia (where appropriate). In general, articles published should: have relatively wide appeal and address issues of importance to the engineering education community. Innovations should be supported by prior educational research (as documented in the literature). Where appropriate, multimedia (e.g., text, audio, graphics, animation or video) should be used creatively as a means to enhance the understandability and better convey information to the reader. However, the use of multimedia is not a requirement for publication.

Charge Policy

Authors of accepted manuscripts are asked to pay a publication charge of $250 per paper. Questions regarding the journal should be directed to ASEE: voice (+1) 202-331-3500; fax (+1) 202-265-8405. Permission to reprint material published in the journal should be directed to ASEE.

Editorial Office

Editorial questions and inquiries should be directed to the editor: Dr. Larry J. Shuman, Associate Dean and Professor, University of Pittsburgh, 323 Benedum Hall, Pittsburgh, PA, 15261, USA; voice: (+1) 412-624-9815; fax: (+1) 412-624-1108, e-mail: shuman@pitt.edu.