Multidisciplinary Capstone Design at the University of Houston


In this paper we identify some of the issues and problems that we confronted while developing a new, one-semester, interdepartmental, multidisciplinary capstone design course. We implemented the following changes to the pre-existing capstone design course:

  • Utilized a website to enhance information transfer,
  • Modularized the course and replaced lecturing with facilitating,
  • Introduced a studio/critique teaching format,
  • Integrated communications professionals into the teaching of the course, and
  • Allowed the students to be involved in establishing the final expectations for their project.

The details of the implementation process, the effects of the changes, and the students’ responses are discussed. Examples of some of the projects are given.

Full Text (PDF)

Richard Bannerot
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Houston

Ross Kastor
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Houston

Paul Ruchhoeft
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
University of Houston

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