Call for Papers: Flipped Classrooms in STEM Fields

Flipped classrooms invert the order of the traditional teaching cycle, in which first exposure to the content occurs in the classroom and assimilation of content occurs outside the classroom (homework). Instead, the flipped classroom has students consuming content at home, often through video lectures and digital content, and assimilating in the classroom through problem-solving, practice, microlectures, peer-to-peer interaction, etc. For this special issue of Advances in Engineering Education, we seek papers exploring the effectiveness of the flipped classroom in STEM courses using parameters such as student performance, course experience, institutionalizing of findings, and long-term retention. Papers should be based on sound pedagogy and accepted statistical analysis. We also welcome state-of-the art review papers on use of technology in flipped classrooms and meta-study analysis papers.
As a first step, we invite you to submit an Extended Abstract of a proposed paper to be considered for publication in AEE. As an online, peer-reviewed journal, AEE encourages the creative use of multimedia in presenting results; these might  include videos, audio, links to examples of student work, etc.

Read more about requirements, deadlines, and contact information.

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